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Why Our Clients Talk About Us

Why Our Clients Talk About Us Since our formation in 2000, VDI has experienced substantial and continued growth’even in difficult times’not primarily by advertising and marketing but because the organizations who engage our services talk to others about us. Hospital CIOs talk to other hospital CIOs; hotel, energy, and SMB CIO’s talk to their counterparts.

They may talk about our infrastructure expertise or the fact that we provide a wide range of telephony, IT, and cabling solutions. But most of all they talk about the service we deliver, which sets us apart in a very competitive industry.

Clients point to our:
  • Commitment to doing things right the first time and paying attention to detail. This requires experience, expertise, and an understanding that taking shortcuts or doing what’s just ‘good enough’? will often have serious consequences down the road.
  • Response in emergencies, with technicians who can diagnose problems quickly and come up with the right solution’and are available 24X7X365.
  • Willingness to work around client schedules and constraints’and do all our onsite tasks in a considerate, safe, and professional manner.

From their interactions with our experienced, certified technicians, VDI’s clients have come to recognize our commitment to excellence and to providing the highest possible level of customer service. This is what gets them talking.