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Structured Cabling

Structured Cabling

VDI has the best cabling division in the industry. Certified in copper and fiber-optic cabling, our engineers design and install cabling to meet the highest standards of performance.
We have extensive experience with voice and data cabling, data center design and buildout, and fiber optic cabling as well as with:

  • Large-scale, new construction cabling projects
  • Cabling in difficult situations, such as hospitals and hotels, with structural constraints and daily activities that can’t be interrupted
  • Cabling for paging, cameras, electronic access control, speakers, wireless access points, and TVs.

We are flexible in our scheduling, and, when options are limited and your staff has to continue their daily activities, our teams know how to get in and out in a safe, professional manner.

Voice and data cabling

Structured CablingWe make sure your voice and data cabling can handle the requirements of current and future technologies. We are experienced with coax cabling, single and multimode fiber optic systems, backbone distribution and horizontal cabling systems, and testing to BICSI and TIA/EIA standards.

We specialize in Cat 3, 5, 5e and 6 cable installation, using Commstock, Systimax, Panduit, and Levitron products, along with CATV and CCTV surge protectors and Firestop sealing.

Data center design and buildout

We can design complete data centers or handle more focused data center projects, including cleaning up dis-organized cabling that could lead to problems and lengthen trouble-shooting times in an emergency

Our installation services include copper and fiber cabling, racks and enclosures, and cooling and power solutions, including retro-fits and new construction.

Fiber optics

We are experienced in the design, installation, and testing of all types of fiber optic cabling systems.