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Wireless Networks

Wireless Networks Design & Site Surveys

Wireless Networks Design and Site Surevys - 19The increase in employee cell phone and iPad use at work impairs the performance of wireless networks not designed originally to accommodate these devices.

Prior to designing or reconfiguring your wireless network, our in-house experts conduct a site survey to make sure the new network solution will provide the roaming and network capacity, coverage, data rates, and Quality of Service you require. In addition to using site survey tools, we inspect your facility, look at floor plans, and interview both end users and IT staff.

Our engineers are not only certified in network technology but have extensive field experience with infrastructure design, allowing us to design wireless networks that will handle your changing needs and technology. We have re-designed existing networks to produce dramatic improvements in performance.

As with all our work, we look carefully at your objectives and constraints to find a solution that meets all your requirements, and we schedule our onsite work so that there is minimal interference with your day-to-day functioning.